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MyAdaPool.com is committed to becoming one of 0% delegation fees Cardano staking pools and paying out maximum rewards to our ADA stakeholders. We encourage people from all around the world to join us in delegating ADA to MyAdaPool pool to earn ADA rewards and making the Cardano more decentralization. We are adding more values for Cardano ecosystem by providing the staking pool and welcome all ADA delegation contributions, large or small ADA from everyone who is giving the hand to help Cardano to become the best-decentralized system.


Stay Informed

We are keeping our eyes from Cardano System. You will be informed as soon as possible when Shelly gets ready on the mainnet.

0% Delegation Fees

We are committed to be one of 0% delegation fees Cardano Staking Pools.

99.99% Uptime

To earn more rewards from ADA staking, MyAdaPool will be ready to run optimally 24/7/365. We expect maximum uptime ensuring you receive maximum ADA rewards.

Secure Delegation

We never ask stakeholders to give us private keys. Delegating your stake from the official Daedalus wallet to our pool is entirely secure never exposing your private keys. You are in totat control of your ADA with no third party involvement required.

Passive Stable Income

Becoming one of the largest staking pools will allow consistent distribution of the frequent ADA rewards to be delivered to our stakeholders.


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